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The Club has historically had a very active Conservation Committee. Over the years, the Club has established several gardens in town featuring native and unusual plants, most notably the Grotto Garden and the Mary Comstock Wildflower Garden behind Old Town Hall and the Hurlbutt Street School House Memorial Wildflower Garden in the rear of the school. The Club also published a book titled The Ferns and Flowering Plants of Wilton and put together an extensive collection of pressed and mounted native plants, known as the Marybeth Wheeler Herbarium, which is presently on display at the Wilton Library.

In more recent years, the Conservation Committee has dedicated its efforts to educating the public on conservation issues including protecting the town’s trees, preserving native plants, and enhancing the natural environment. Through various lectures, exhibits and collaboration with other organizations, the Conservation Committee educates the public on issues such as organic landscaping and health concerns about pesticides, the importance of trees (particularly native trees) in the landscape, and the benefits of “growing your own” through organic vegetable gardening. Over the past several years, the Conservation Committee has been instrumental in the following activities:

Providing Community Service, Education, Horticulture,
Conservation and Artistry