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1992 - Horticulture Award for outstanding division, "Bouquets for 70 Years" 
1992 - Staging Award for distinguished staging, "Bouquets for 70 Years" 
1992 - Certificate of Achievement, "Bouquets for 70 Years,” a standard flower show.
1999 - Certificate of Achievement"Lasting Impressions," a standard flower show
2005 - Outstanding Horticulture Division, “Wicked Enchantment”
2005 - Superior Schedule, “Wicked Enchantment”
2005 - Distinguished Staging, “Wicked Enchantment”
2007 - Certificate of Individual Achievemet, Garden Therapy Educational Exhibit on Solar/Geothermal installation at 11 Belden Hill Road during “Bountiful Fare” a Standard Flower Show and house tour
2015 - Excellence in Design,  "Timeless Gatherings"
2015 - Excellence in Horticulture,  "Timeless Gatherings"
2015 - Excellence in Educational Exhibits"Timeless Gatherings"
2015 - Excellence in Photography, "Timeless Gatherings"
2015 - Excellence in Schedule, "Timeless Gatherings"
2015 - Certificate of Appreciaion, Michele Klink and Carole Steiner,  "New Year's Night" in "A Taste of the Holidays - Whimsical & Wonderful Tablescapes, "Timeless Gatherings"
2018 - Citation for Excellence in Schedule, “Art in Bloom”
2018 - Citation for Excellence in Educational Exhibits, “Art in Bloom”

THE MARY LONCIN FLOWER SHOW AWARD: highest scoring flower show in the state
2012 - "Fun, Friends and Flowers"
2015 - "Timeless Gatherings"
2018 - "Art in Bloom"

Award of Excellence,  awarded for Garden Therapy.
2016 - Tribute Award, Mya Smith, for leading seniors with care and devotion in unique and interesting garden oriented activities in the Club's Garden Therapy program
2018 - Certificate of Individual Acievement, Bobbi Kahan, for her excellent work on monthly programs in garden therapy.

2007 - Horticulutral Excellence Award to the Green House, workshops and plant sale.
2007 - Ellen Carder Award, Bobbie Shavell, for overall excellence in horticulture.
2016 - Mary Freng Sherley Memorial Award, Ann Collis, for horticultural excellence.
2016 - Joyce B. Harris Award, Jerre Dawson, for outstanding horticulture achievement in the recipient’s club and community. 

2013 - Tribute Award, Suzanne Knutson, for excellence in landscape design.

1993 - Pauline B. Tyler Award, for excellence in promoting conservation and/or legislation. Conservation Committee for Ferns & Flowering Plants of Wilton.
2016 - Environmental, Concerns & Conservation Certificate, to the Club’s Conservation Committee for their efforts in co-sponsoring the “Walk and Talk” series of lectures & guided hikes that promote the appreciation of the town’s open spaces.
2016 - Pauline B. Tyler Award, or excellence in promoting conservation or legislation, awarded to the Club’s Conservation Committee, for their work with Yale’s Peabody Museum Herbarium, in digitizing the images of over 1,200 preserved plant specimens and recording the data for the Marybeth Wheeler Herbarium.

2016 - Certificate of Achievement to the Club’s Conservation Committee for their continued efforts with the Wilton Historical Society to renovate and care for the Colonial Herb Garden.        
2017  Certificate of Individual Achievement, Tina Duncan, for leadership in promoting public awareness of the environment through the “Go Green” project, the “How Green Could Wilton Be?” symposium, the Norwalk Tree Festival, and the replacement of trees in Schenck’s Island Park.

1991 - Award of Excellence, for work with local organizations in construction and maintenance of island beds at the junction of Routes 7 and 33.
1992 - Civic Development Citation to a club with sixty or more members. "Keep Wilton Beautiful” campaign.
2007 - Community Award for Wilton’s Wondrous Trees
2016 - Civics Creativity Award, for an unusual or outstanding and creative project in the area of civic responsibility, awarded to the Club’s Civics Committee for its continued focus on civic beautification, especially its work at Horseshoe Pond, the Post Office, Veterans’ Memorial Green, Merwin Meadows, Town of Wilton signs, Hanging Flower Baskets, and Holiday wreaths and donated centerpieces
2017 - Lee Bauerfeld Beautification Award for an outstanding civic project in the community in recognition of our Club’s excellent work redesigning and installing three new gardens to grace the Veteran’s Memorial Green, located in the center of town.
2017 - Certificate of Individual Achievement, Linda Schmidt for leadership in the WGC year-round preparations for an extensive holiday outreach program to families in need and for the elderly.
2018 - Certificate of Individual Achievement, Suzanne Knutson for her dedication to her community’s beautification and her excellence in overseeing the plethora of civics projects that her club takes part in each year.

Publicity Pressbooks, third place in the Large Club category.
1999 - First Place, Class VI Year Book
2001 - Publication Award for Monthly Newsletter, First Place for Extra Large Club
2003 - Cerificate of Merit, Tommy Donnan, for Club Publication of “Perennial Favorites, Recipes from Gardeners,” published May 2002
2003 - Publication Award, for Monthly Newsletter, First Place for Extra Large Club
2016 - 1st Place Award, Publicity Press Book
2018 - Cerificate of Merit, for Electronic Media/Website
2018 - First Place, Class VI Yearbook

2016 - Luckner Youth Award for outstanding work with youth in areas of gardening, horticulture or conservation, awarded to the Club’s Youth Gardening Committee, for it's “Green Teens” program.
2016 - Tribute Award, Pam Nobumoto, for her leadership in creating and continuing to organize the Club’s youth garending program, “Green Teens” for middle-schoolers at Trackside Teen Center.
2017 - Certificate of Achievement, Youth Gardening Commitee, for “Green Teens" youth gardening program at Trackside.
2018- Luckner Youth Award for outstanding work with a youth group in a school setting or with other youth groups, "Green Teens" youth gardening program at Trackside Teen Center. 

2005 - Lucille Schavoir Award, Wilton Garden Club, for outstanding garden club work
2007 - Lillian M. Rathburn Award, Melinda Wolcott, for excellence in all areas of garden club work.




Providing Community Service, Education, Horticulture,
Conservation and Artistry