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Flower Arranging

Would you like to learn how to create an oversized, lavish design to compliment a front entryway or a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table? How about a creative wreath for the holidays, a delicate miniature for a flower show, or an artistic display of flowering branches? Flower arranging is an art, but there is a craft involved as well—wire, floral foam, and the correct container can make the difference between an arrangement that lasts for an hour and one that lasts for days. It is a wonderful way to use the floral bounty found in the garden and develop design skills along the way. The Garden Club boasts several floral design experts who offer workshops and demonstrations in making arrangements for the home and for the flower shows we present every couple of years. Several of the Club’s members are flower show judges, which means they are some of the best floral designers around. They are more than happy to teach, guide and encourage budding designers.

During the year the Club holds several “bench shows,” which are like tiny flower shows that are set up at one of the monthly meetings. Usually, several classes of arrangements are represented—miniatures perhaps, or a tabletop design. These bench shows are a great way to practice flower arranging in a low-key setting and an excellent way to gear up for one of our larger, bi-annual flower shows.

The Club’s flower shows are visual extravaganzas that provide a means for it to share the beauty of flowers with fellow members and the public. They challenge members to try something new while taking part in an interesting and exciting community event. In recent years, the Club has hosted the following flower shows:


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