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Garden Trips

Each year the Club plans a variety of trips for its members.  In addition to getting a chance to visit some pretty extraordinary gardens, these trips provide an opportunity for members to spend time with others in the Club whom they might not know well, and hopefully promote some new friendships.  Enjoying a garden, chatting over lunch, exchanging ideas, promising to trade some garden plants, discovering mutual interests, sharing some laughs and trading pictures afterwards are just some of the benefits that evolve from these excursions.

The Club’s travel adventures include a broad spectrum of public and private gardens and horticultural events and activities.  Quick visits to peek at the gardens of the Club’s own members right here in Wilton are hugely popular, as are trips to well-known nurseries such as White Flower Farms, Olivers Nursery, Matterhorn Nursery and Ballek’s Garden Center.  Several of the Club’s trips have been to see gardens featured in the Garden Conservancy’s Open House Tours, and others have been to take in flower shows sponsored by garden clubs in neighboring towns.  Still other favored outings include the Club’s annual trek to Hartford’s Connecticut Flower and Garden Show in February and the Philadelphia Flower Show in March, where the fabulous displays are a sure-fire way to lift everyone’s spirits in the dead of winter.  Likewise, trips in early spring, such as those to the New York Botanical Garden and Cricket Hill’s Peony Heaven, never fail to get those creative juices flowing and inspire our members to spruce up their own gardens!

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