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The Club continues to beautify our town!

The Civics Committee has taken on three new Town gardens in addition to the ones they already maintain:  one at the Welcome Sign at Merwin Meadows Park, one at the Welcome to Wilton sign at the intersection of Ridgefield Road and Old Ridgefield Road, and a third one at the entrance to the new Chess Park across from Stop and Shop Plaza. 

Merwin Meadows Park Garden
(located at the entrance of the park -- around the base of the Welcome Sign)

In 2015, the Club designed and helped the town install a new garden to adorn the welcome sign at the entry to Merwin Meadows Park.  The new garden includes a variety of ornamental grasses, ‘Knockout’ roses, small shrubs and perennials.  As with all new gardens, the Club is still “tweaking” it as the plants mature.  The Club also supplements the existing plants with an assortment of annuals to ensure plenty of color and flowering bloom throughout the growing season.

Chess Park Garden
(located on River Road directly across from the Stop and Shop Plaza)

In fall 2016, the Club renovated and redesigned an existing garden across the street from the Stop and Shop Plaza that had fallen into disrepair.  Primarily filled with an interesting mix of shrubs, it now serves as a beautiful segue to the “Chess Park” that it adjoins (a brand new park named for the chess tables that it incorporates).

“Welcome to Wilton” Garden
(located at Ridgefield Road and Old Ridgefield Road)

After the intersection at Ridgefield Road and Old Ridgefield Road was revised, the town installed a “Welcome to Wilton” sign to mark this important gateway into town.  To enhance the prominence of the sign, the club designed and helped the town install a small garden around its base in the fall of 2016.  Comprised of ‘Pinky Winky’ hydrangeas on either side of the sign and under planted with Japanese hakone grasses, it brightens up this shady site and offers a cheerful welcome to motorists as they drive into town.

Horseshoe Pond Garden
(located on River Road near Wolfpit Road)

In a collaborative undertaking with the town and Lee Horticultural Services, the Club designed and oversaw the installation of a roadside garden at Horseshoe Pond Park in November 2007.  This bold and beautiful garden, which earned the Club a Tribute Award from the Federated Garden Club of Connecticut, measures roughly 70 feet x 13 feet (yes, it’s that big!).  It gets better and better over the course of the summer as the grasses begin to bloom.  Their dramatic plumes look like a fireworks display and beautifully set off the annuals, which hit their stride at about the same time.

Post Office Garden
(located at 15 Hubbard Road)

In May 2009, the Club designed and installed a new garden in front of Wilton’s Post Office, a fairly large undertaking that required taking down a sickly tree that shaded the space and hauling in several yards of compost to amend the soil.  For such a highly visible and well-trafficked spot, however, it was well worth the effort.

Veteran’s Memorial Green
(located at the intersection of Center Street and Old Ridgefield Road)

In 2012, the Club designed and oversaw the installation of the gardens at the new Veteran’s Memorial Green. The new garden creates an intimate setting for quiet reflection in the midst of an otherwise busy intersection.  To give the space a sense of enclosure, a wide bed of Pfitzer junipers running outside the paved seating area was installed to create a low-maintenance border.  The junipers create a soothing “wall” of green that will eventually form a hedge tall enough to establish a feeling of intimacy within the park, yet not so tall as to obscure the view of the granite pillars.  The design also includes two colorful borders on either side of the pillars filled with a mixture of shrubs, roses, perennials, ornamental grasses and annuals.  In addition to these three main gardens, each spring the Club’s members plant colorful annuals in a narrow garden bed running along the base of the stone pillars.

“Town of Wilton” Garden

(located at the intersection of Danbury Road and Ridgefield Road)

After Route 7 was widened in 2011, the town erected a “Town of Wilton” sign at the intersection of Danbury Road and Ridgefield Road to mark the gateway to Wilton’s town center.  To dress up the space surrounding this sign, the Club designed and oversaw the installation of a simple, yet elegant garden comprised of dwarf fountain grasses and ‘Knockout’ roses. 


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