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Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy for our community seniors will begin this fall on Tuesday, October 2rd!  Our meetings will be held at the Senior Center at Comstock from 11:30-1:30pm, on the first Tuesday of each month.  A garden/plant based activity will be planned each month and we finish with lunch and dessert.  There are about 12 seniors that regularly attend and we would love to welcome more. 
We are looking for 8-10 garden club members to assist us on each of the meetings.  We generally divide the prep work and ask that you sign up for a month or two or all of them to help out. Specifically, some of us will cook the meal and others will bring dessert (Expenses are reimbursed).
Mya Smith has a variety of activities that will resemble the previous years.  We will assist the seniors with the activity. Mya will work with seasonal plants and continue the traditional activities our seniors love. 
Near the Holidays we will request donations of small toiletry items, note cards, jams and baked goods. There will be a memo in the Garden Club's newsletter as well as announcements at the meetings. We have traditionally given our seniors a seasonal gift over the holidays. They love this!
Garden Therapy will meet from 11:30-1:30 pm at the Comstock Community Center on the following dates for the 2018-2019 calendar year:
Tuesday October 2rd         
Tuesday November 6th    
Tuesday December 4th     
Tuesday January 8th         
Tuesday February 5th      
Tuesday March 5th            
Tuesday April 2nd              
Tuesday May 7               

If you have a passion for plants and helping people, then join our friendly group. You don’t have to be a psychologist to know that working with plants and natural materials, whether potting up bulbs for forcing, starting seeds, arranging flowers, making craft projects, or pruning and shaping houseplants, is relaxing and enjoyable and puts a smile on people’s faces.

You can contact me, Julie Sweeney,  anytime to ask questions about what we do at Garden Therapy and to offer up ideas or suggestions. 
Julie Sweeney @ juless1065@optimum.net 
cell phone 518-428-5107.

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