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History Of The Club

Since it was founded in 1921 with a mandate for beautification, preservation, conservation and education, the Garden Club has remained steadfast in its commitment to Wilton.  Over the years, the Club’s activities have included garden-related workshops, lectures and demonstrations in horticulture, flower shows, philanthropy, conservation, plant sales, garden tours and trips, plant propagation, creation of an herbarium, publication of a book on ferns and flowering plants, programs for seniors and children, the installation and maintenance of public gardens in town, and the creation of wreaths for town buildings and holiday arrangements for the town’s neediest members.

Perhaps the most visible of the Club’s efforts is its numerous civic projects.  Early on, members planted trees on the Town Green and along Danbury Road, spruced up the grounds of the town’s schools, sponsored a twice-yearly spraying program in an effort to save threatened elm trees, and waged war on tent caterpillars and poison ivy.  Club members also marked nature trails, labeled trees, and distributed seed packets to school children.

In more recent years, the Club has devoted much of its beautification efforts to designing and maintaining the many public gardens one encounters around town.  These award-winning gardens include the gardens at the Post Office, Horseshoe Pond Park (on River Road), and the Veterans Memorial Green (at the intersection of Center Street and Old Ridgefield Road). The Club also designs the hanging baskets that adorn the town’s lamp posts and fills the containers on the steps of Town Hall with flowers.  In addition, as part of its annual “holiday greening” tradition, Club members make numerous festive wreaths, which they hang on buildings throughout the town.  Those who frequent the Wilton Library, Post Office, Town Hall and Comstock Community Center, to name just a few, have undoubtedly come across the handiwork of the Club’s members.

In addition to its garden-related activities, the Club is devoted to the care and preservation of Old Town Hall, located directly across the street from the Wilton Congregational Church.  This commitment dates back to the early 1930s when the Club stepped in to renovate and preserve this beautiful and historic building.  At the time, Old Town Hall had been sitting idly after the current Town Hall was built, and it rapidly began to deteriorate.  The Club struck a deal with the town promising to renovate and maintain Old Town Hall in exchange for the right to lease and use the building for the Club’s purposes. The Club organized and led a second major renovation in 1977 when rotten support timbers were discovered and the building was condemned for use.  Upon the completion of that renovation, Old Town Hall was officially reopened in December of 1980 with the Club acting as its rental agent and caretaker.  Click here to inquire about renting Old Town Hall.

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