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Horticulture And The Greenhouse

The majority of the Club’s horticultural learning activities take place in its greenhouse, an 800-square foot glass-enclosed space located at the Comstock Community Center on School Road in Wilton.  This fully automated facility was constructed in 1986 through funds raised almost exclusively from Club members and friends.  Since then, it has served as a very special learning center and popular gathering spot for the Club’s members.  It is an active and dynamic place where members sow seeds, experiment with unfamiliar plants, learn propagation techniques, and grow most of the plants used to fill the numerous pots, baskets and containers sold at the Club’s annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale. 

The greenhouse opens to Club members in September when plant cuttings and donations of houseplants and tender annuals are accepted to serve as “mother plants.”  Under the guidance of experienced members, the Club’s newer or less experienced members are taught how to cut and divide the “mother plants” in order to propagate hundreds of new plants destined for the Plant Sale.   Members have discovered that the greenhouse is the perfect place to get to know one another while learning how to grow plants and how a greenhouse functions. 

The various workshops hosted by the Greenhouse Committee are eagerly anticipated events.  Recent workshops include:


All members are encouraged to stop by the greenhouse – no previous experience is necessary.  The greenhouse is open September through mid-May on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 to 12:00 noon.   During that time, Greenhouse Committee members are on hand to offer advice and set out the work that needs to be done.  To reach the greenhouse during its regular hours, call (203) 762-2052.

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