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President's Awards

Ferris Vase…a silver vase given to a member for outstanding service. This cup was donated in memory of Mrs. Clara Ferris, a devoted member who gave generously of her time and talent. (Ferris Cup retired in June 1994; Ferris Vase reinstated in June 2014 and retired in June 2015. New Ferris Vase presented in June 2015.)

1979 Barbara Osterholm
1984 Betty Yoder
1989 Carol Van Keuren
1980 Eileen Schindewolf
1985 Carol Russell
1990 Catherine Blair
1981 Peggy Ellison
1986 Jane Herzog
1991 Jeanne Corrigan
1982 Marian Demarest
1987 Jean Pratt
1992 Beth Smith
1983 Lois Worcester
1988 Sandra Siegel
1993 Sherilyn Swords
2014 Elizabeth Keister
2015 Suzanne Knutson
2016 Yolanda Bonomo         
2017 Nan Merolla
2018 Linda Schmidt
2019 Yolanda Bonomo

Palmer Tray…a silver tray given to a member of the Board of Directors for outstanding service. The original cup was donated by Elinore Palmer, a Past President and Club Advisor. (Ferris Cup replaced with Ferris Tray in June 2011.)

1963 Marybeth Wheeler
1964 Marybeth Wheeler
1965 Joan Faulkner
1966 Jody Crabb
1967 Martha Hohmann
1969 Mary Lou Logan
1970 Betty O’Hearn
1971 Bobbie Poinier
1972 Kitty Carson
1973 Elwynne Loosley
1974 Shirley Bullinger
1975 Martha Sias
1976 Peggy French
1977 Tommie Turner
1978 Tommie Turner
1979 Judy Hoffstatter
1980 Judy Carmichael
1981 Betty Haefele
1982 Anne Cuddy
1983 Barbara Mirandon
1984 Elinore Palmer
1985 Marian Demarest
1986 Yolande Bigelow
1987 Lydia Wallis
1988 Jane Herzog
1989 Bonnie McLachlan
1990 Anne Cuddy
1991 Pat Curran
1992 Lydia Wallis
1993 Kathy Field
1994 Donna Ferries
1995 Beth Smith
1996 Jane Galvin
1997 Donna Ferries
1998 Carol Russell
1999 Donna Ferries
2000 Judy Quattrochi
2001 Melinda Wolcott
2002 Lorna Lyle
2003 Marge Anderson
2004 Jerre Dawson
2005 Terry Chapin
2006 Maureen Thresher
2007 Ann Marie Amelio
2008 Dianne Gorman and Suzanne Knutson
2009 Gladys Blundin
2010 Nancy Merolla
2011 Gladys Blundin
2013 Sharon Frost
2014 Allison Sanders
2015 Linda Schmidt
2016 Julie Sweeney
2017 Julie Sweeney and Sharon Frost
2018 Yolanda Bonomo
2019 Linda Schmidt

Roberta Shavell Award of Exellence… a silver bowl given to a member for outstanding service to the club. This silver bowl was donated by the Shavell family in memory of Roberta Shavell, a longtime member and expert in Orchids and their cultivation and the cultivation of Bonsai.

2011 Linda Schmidt
2012 Anne Hamar
2013 Suzanne Knutson
2014 Jerre Dawson
2015 Sharon Frost
2016 Jackie Algon
2017 Pam Nobumoto and Gladys Blundin
2018 Jerre Dawson
2019 Pam Nobumoto and Laurie Musilli

Turner Tray…this silver tray given to a new member for outstanding service. This tray was donated by Tommie Turner and has been named in her honor for her years of outstanding service to the Club.

1994 Julie Valleo
1995 Sandy Wallen
1996 Robyn Mills
1997 Louise Shames
1998 Jan Zehnder
1999 Carolyn Bird
2000 Deborah Hunsberger
2001 Mary Molnar
2002 Marge Anderson, Hilde Brown and Lynn Fiorentino
2003 Kay Chann
2004 Michaele Taylor
2005 Ann Marie Amelio
2006 Judy Robinson
2007 Ann Collis
2008 Michael Hilliard
2009 Lisa Caswell
2010 Tina Duncan
2011 Maureen Granito
2012 Michele Klink
2013 Nancy Greeley
2014 Lee Ann Schneider
2015 Pam Nobumoto
2016 Rebecca Starling
2017 Haiku Durden and Laurie Musilli
2018 Lisa Stuart
2019 Sue Pellowe

Plant Sale Award…this silver tray given to a plant sale committee member for outstanding service to the Club’s annual major fundraiser.

1982 Lila Griswold and Rosemary Beane
1983 Anne Cuddy
1984 Yo Bigelow
1985 Carol Bullard
1986 Carolyn DeTurk
1987 Melinda Wolcott
1988 Melinda Wolcott
1990 Kim Paterson
1991 Donna Ferries
1992 Dorothy Greenlee
1993 Ritva Ruskewich
1994 June Mara
1995 Joline Ensign
1996 Joline Ensign
1997 Melinda Wolcott and Susan Thompson
1998 Melinda Wolcott and Susan Thompson
1999 Nancy McCarthy
2000 Nancy McCarthy and Susan DiLoreto
2001 Susan DiLoreto
2002 Gladys Blundin
2003 Gwen Berg
2004 Gladys Blundin
2005 Jannice Williams
2006 Sandi Blaze
2007 Bobbie Shavel
2008 Carol Steiner
2009 Francesca Monro
2010 Ann Schmitt
2011 JoAnn Overton
2012 Nan Merolla
2013 Ann Collis and Kathy Mitchell
2014 Suzanne Knutson and Sharon Frost
2015 Lisa Caswell
2016 Billie Sue Hollingsworth
2017 Amy Curley
2018 Amy Curley
2019 Nancy Greeley

Jean Wild Memorial Award…a silver tray given to a member who has achieved distinction in floral design. It is given in memory of Jean Wild, who was an award-winning floral designer and consummate educator in this field within the Club.

2002 Karla Ramirez
2003 Lynn Fiorentino
2004 Lynn Fiorentino and Francesca Monro
2005 Melinda Wolcott
2006 Carol Steiner
2008 Jannice Williams
2009 Carol Steiner
2010 Jerre Dawson
2011 Melinda Wolcott
2012 Suzanne Hammond
2013 Jerre Dawson
2014 Melinda Wolcott
2015 Michele Klink
2016 Sherry Johnson
2017 Michelle Klink
2018 Michele Klink
2019 Michele Klink


Bigelow Memorial Horticulture Award…this silver tray was donated for an outstanding contribution in horticulture and/or the greenhouse. This tray was donated by Yo Bigelow’s mother, Mrs. Jane Muhlthaler. Yo, a Past President, had a keen interest in horticulture and our greenhouse.

1989 Bonnie McLachlan
1991 Betty Yoder
1992 Charlotte Schroder
1993 Jocelyn Jamieson
1995 Margaret Black
1996 Gwen Berg
1997 Gwen Berg
1998 Gwen Berg
1999 Nancy McCarthy
2000 Shelly Sawyer
2001 Gretchen DeMattia
2002 Melinda Wolcott
2003 Susan DiLoreto and Gretchen DeMattia
2004 Melinda Wolcott
2005 Paula Byrdy
2006 Paula Byrdy
2007 Leslie Frear
2008 Birgit Diforio
2009 Mya Smith
2010 JoAnn Overton
2011 Donna Harakas and Carol Kaelin
2012 Leslie Frear
2013 Jerre Dawson
2014 Mari Okie and Tony Fouracre
2015 Ann Collis
2016 Karen Murchison
2017 Gerlinde Blank
2018 Karen Murchison
2019 Karen Murchison and Gerlinde Blank

Award of Excellence…this silver bowl given to a member who has performed her Club task and assignment with distinction. This bowl was a gift from Elwynne Loosley to Elinore Palmer, who in turn donated it to the Club.

1994 Sandi Lincoln
1995 Judy Quattrochi
1996 Liz Riley and Shelly Sawyer
1997 Sue Sweet
1998 Pat Hegnauer
1999 Carol Russell
2000 Sandi Lincoln
2001 Judy Shields
2002 Allison Sanders and Virginia Wetzel
2003 Suzanne Joyce, Poppy Mead and Diana Reische
2004 Kay Chann
2005 Cynthia Knapp
2006 Suzanne Knutson
2007 Anne Bennett and Kathy Helms
2008 Gladys Blundin
2009 Dianne Gorman
2012 Sharon Frost and Suzanne Knutson
2013 Jackie Algon
2014 Ann Schmitt
2015 Kathy Mitchell
2016 Kara Golden and Michele Klink
2017 Yolanda Bonomo
2018 Julie Sweeney and Mya Smith
2019 Haiku Durden and Sherry Johnson


President’s Award...a silver tray given at the discretion of the president to a member whose outstanding service has made a difference.

2002 Kathryn Tafuro
2003 Carol Pinto
2004 Judy Quattrochi
2005 Jessica Kaplan
2006 Elizabeth Keister
2007 Nan Merolla
2008 Barbara Schlueter
2009 Suzanne Knutson
2010 Kathy Helms
2011 Melina Cortes and Jannice Williams
2012 Melinda Wolcott
2013 Linda Schmidt
2014 Kimberley Young
2015 Jerre Dawson
2016 Sharon Frost and Kathy Mitchell
2017 Allison Sanders
2018 Nan Merolla
2019 Jackie Algon

Wheeler Conservation Award...a silver tray donated by honorary member Marybeth Wheeler is given to the member who has exemplified dedication to conservation and education.

2004 Judy Quattrochi
2005 Susan Cruikshank
2006 Cora Martin
2007 Paula Byrdy
2008 Jessica Kaplan
2009 Paula Byrdy
2010 Elizabeth Craig
2011 Jade Hobson
2012 Kristen Begor
2013 Tina Duncan
2014 Jackie Algon
2015 Elizabeth Craig
2016 Carol Russell
2017 Tina Duncan
2018 Jade Hobson
2019 Tina Duncan

Alice Levin Memorial Award…a silver pitcher given to a member who has exemplified dedication to the overall mission of the Club: “Providing Community Service, Education, Horticulture, Conservation and Artistry.” The award is in memory of Alice N. Levin, a long time dynamic member, dedicated to conservation, preservation of native plants and a consummate gardener.

2015 Jackie Algon
2016 Carol Steiner
2017 Nancy Greeley
2018 Jackie Algon
2019 Nan Merolla

Award of Distinction…a silver bowl given to a member who has exhibited exceptional volunteerism and generously shared their talents and time in numerous aspects of the Club’s committees.

2015 Yolanda Bonomo
2016 Pam Nobumoto
2017 Ann Collis
2018 Nancy Greeley
2019 Gretchen Kilmartin and Yim Lai

Wolcott Bowl…a silver bowl given to a member who openly looks to educate others, by sharing their knowledge and expertise, and happily mentors Club members to further their knowledge of the Club purposes and skills. The award is in honor of long time member, Past President, Honorary Member and Flower Show Judge, Melinda Wolcott, who is a wonderful educator to all ages – in Floral Design, Horticulture, and Gardening – and works diligently to mentor Club members to take on more Club roles.

2015 Melinda Wolcott and Leslie Hinshaw
2016 Jerre Dawson
2017 Jerre Dawson
2018 Pam Nobumoto and Laurie Musilli
2019 Jerre Dawson

President's WGC Awards of Appreciation

2015  Kara Golden, Michele Klink, Julie Sweeney, Gladys Blundin, Carol Steiner, Maria Sinchak, Kim Young, Tina Duncan, Ann Schmitt, Jeanette Ross (Wilton Bulletin Editor and friend of the Club
2017  Karen Murchison, Lisa Caswell, Liz Craig, Kara Golden, Toni Fouracre, Mari Okie Fouracre, Sherry Johnson, Marla Sinchak, Ann Schmitt, Sue Wall, Lee Ann Schneider, Carol Steiner, and Fran Monro
2018  Ann Margaret Mannix, Andrea O'Meara, Diana Pettit, Allison Sanders, Ann Schmitt, Marla Sinchak, Carol Steiner, Gerlinda Blank, Becky Castle, Lisa Caswell, Liz Craig, Tina Duncan, Tony Fouracre, Tom Harris, Gretchen Kilmartin

W. F. Brennan Award…a silver tray, given to a member who has made an outstanding contribution in civic planning and demonstrated dedication to the beautification of the Town of Wilton.  The award is in honor of William F. Brennan, First Selectman of Wilton from 2005 – 2015, who had a keen interest in civics and enlisted the assistance of the Wilton Garden Club to enhance the gardens, streets, parks and overall beauty of the town.

2016  Suzanne Knutson and Linda Schmitt
2017 Jackie Algon
2018 Gladys Blundin

Dorothy Greenlee Tray...a silver tray given to a member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership for the club.

2017 Linda Schmidt
2018 Sharon Frost
2019 Sharon Frost and Jennifer Davatzes

Siddie Bloomer Tray… This is a silver tray donated by Stanley Kovak in memory of Siddie Bloomer. It is given to a member who has demonstrated great initiative and contributed to the Club’s success. 

2018 Haiku Durden
2019 Ann Schmitt

Award of Achievement… This silver tray was donated by Suzanne Knutson to honor a member who achieved great success on behalf of the Club over the past year.

2018 Sherry Johnson
2019 Marla Sinchak

Award of Honor … This is a silver tray donated by Suzanne Knutson and given to a member for outstanding service.

2018 Jennifer Davatzes
2019 Lisa Caswell

Providing Community Service, Education, Horticulture,
Conservation and Artistry